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Clause No.24

As far as this insurance is granted on goods and merchandise, either for own or for account of others, whether such persons have an interest from the beginning or only acquire the same during the term of insurance, with or without order.
Closure by order of a public authorities clause
Notwithstanding anything contained in this policy to the contrary, loss as insured by the policy resulting from interruption of or interference with the business directly or indirectly arising from:
a.    closure or evacuation of the whole or part or the premises by order of a competent public authority consequent upon:
i.    human infectious or contagious disease occurring at the premises
ii.    vermin or pets or defects in the drains or other sanitary arrangements at the premises
iii.    the outbreak of notifiable human infectious or contagious disease occurring in the vicinity of the premises.
b.    Poisoning directly caused by the consumption of food or drink provided on the premises.
c.    Murder or suicide occurring in or at the premises.
d.    Threat of violent damage to the premises and/or injury to persons therein.

Shall be deemed to be loss resulting from damage to property used by the insured at the premises.
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