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MILLENIUM BUG CLAUSE (General Exclusion of Software and Year 200-problems)

The Policy is hereby amended as follows :
A.    We will not pay for Damage or Consequential Loss directly or indirectly caused by, consisting of, or arising from, the failure of any computer, data processing equipment or media microchip, operating systems, microprocessor (computer chip), integrated circuit or similar device, or any computer software, whether the property of the insured or not, and whether occurring before, during or after the year 2000 that results from the inability to :
1.    Correctly recognize any date as its true calendar date;
2.    Capture, save, or retain and/or correctly manipulate, interpret or process any date or information or command or instruction as a result of treating any date otherwise than as its true calendar date; and/or
3.    Capture, save, retain or correctly process any data as a result of the operation of any command which has been programmed into any computer software, being a command which causes the loss of data or the inability to capture, save, retain or correctly process such data on or after any date.
B.    It is further understood that we will not pay for the repair or modification of any part of an electronic data processing system or its related equipment, to correct deficiencies or features of logic or operation.
C.    It is further understood that we will not pay for Damage or Consequential Loss arising from the failure, inadequacy, or malfunction of any advice, consultation, design evaluation, inspection installation, maintenance, repair or supervision done by you or for you or by or for others to determine, rectify or test, any potential or actual failure, malfunction or inadequacy described in A, above.
Such damage or Consequential Loss described in A, B, or C above, is excluded regardless of any other cause that contributed concurrently or in any other sequence.
This Endorsement  shall not exclude subsequent Damage or Consequential Loss, not otherwise excluded, which itself results from a Defined Peril. Defined Peril shall mean : Fire, Lighting, explosion aircraft or vehicle impact, falling objects, windstorm, hail, tornado, hurricane, cyclone, riot, strike, civil commotion, vandalism, malicious mischief, earthquake, volcano, tsunami, freeze or weight of snow.
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