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It is hereby agreed and declared that the insurance under the Policy shall extend to cover loss or damage to the property insured caused by water accidentally discharged or leaking from the Automatic Sprinkler Installation subject to first sum insured (subject to a maximum of 10 % of the total sum insured) and subject to a deductible of Rp. 2.500.000,- any one location and further subject to all the usual conditions of the Policy and the following special conditions :
A.    The liability of Insurer shall in no case under this endorsement and the Policy exceed the sum insured by each item of the Policy.
B.    It is expressly stipulated and made a condition thereof that the insured shall maintain functioning alarm or watchman service insofar as it is under his control or supervision.

Further provided that such discharge or leakage of water shall not be occasioned by or happen through:
i.    Repairs or alterations to the buildings or premises
ii.    The Automatic sprinkler installation being either repaired, removed or extended
iii.    The order of the Government or of any municipal local or other competent Authority
iv.    Explosion, the blowing-up of building or blasting
v.    Defects in construction or condition of which the Insured is aware
vi.    Condensation or deposits on the Automatic Sprinkler Installation.

Additional premium for this extension is 5%o of the first loss limit.
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