Minggu, 29 Desember 2013


Notwithstanding the Nuclear Exclusion clause (Section 3 - Article 3.6.) and as an exception to the Pollution Exclusion (Section 3 - Article 3.3), this policy is extended to insure against direct loss or damage caused by sudden and accidental radioactive contamination, including resultant radiation damage to covered property, provided :
1.             such radioactive contamination arises out of material on Described Location which is commonly known to be radioactive;
2.             such radioactive material is kept on Described Location for the purpose of the Insured's operations;
3.             at the time of such loss, there is neither a nuclear reactor capable of sus­taining nuclear fission in a self-supporting chain reaction, nor any new or used nuclear fuel which is intended for or which has been used in a nuclear reactor, on described location.

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