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Boiler Explosion (PSKI Wording)

In addition to an Explosion peril that is covered under this policy, Explosion in this endorsement is also deemed to mean any sudden release of energy resulting from the explosion of gasses and vapour. The bursting of container (boiler, pipe, etc.) is considered as an explosion if the walls of the container are torn open to such an extent that a sudden equalization of the pressures inside and outside takes place. If an explosion occurs inside a container due to a chemical reaction, any damage to the container is indemnifiable even if the walls of the container are not torn open.
Loss or damage cause by implosion is not covered by the policy.
Loss or damage to combustion engine resulting from the explosion taking place within the combustion chamber or to any part of electrical switches by gas pressure arising from within is excluded from the cover.
If explosion is also covered by more specific policy, the Insurer shall indemnify only the loss as a consequence of explosion in so far as the loss or damage is not covered by
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