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Co – insurance clause

Policy No.

It is hereby understood and agreed that the following Co – Insurance clause is deemed to be part of this policy.
The subscription hereto of the Co – Insurance is as follows :

1.    The Co- Insurer’s each for themself and not one for other are severally and independently liable only for the proportion of any loss and damage recoverable hereunder as their respective subscription hereto bears to the total value insured and shall in no event be responsible for the liability of other Co – Insurers.

2.    PT. ASURANSI SESUATU, as the representative of the Co – Insurers shall attend to all matters in connection with this Co – Insurance including claims handling, however collection of insurance premiums and settlement of claims shall be handled independently by each member of this Co – Insurance.

3.    Any Agreement or decision which may be made between the Assured and PT. ASURANSI SESUATU, in connection with this Co – Insurance shall be final and binding upon all other Co – Insurers.

4.    Any notice which may given by the Assured to PT. ASURANSI SESUATU in writing or otherwise shall be deemed as given to all other Co – Insurers as well.

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