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The Insurer will pay additional costs necessarily and reasonably incurred during the Period of Insurance in:
  1. cleaning and decontamination of property (other than stock in trade) used by the Insured for the purpose of the Business.
  2. Removal and disposal of contaminated stock in trade.
This Exclusion does not apply to this extension:  pollution or contamination except where caused directly by fire, lightning, explosion, impact by aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped from them, riot, civil commotion, person taking part in an industrial dispute, persons acting maliciously, earth quake, storm, the busting, overflowing and discharging of water tanks, apparatus or pipes, sprinkler leakage or impact by any road vehicle or animal and the action of moths, termites or other insect, vermin, rust or oxidation, mildew, mould, wet or dry rot, corrosion, change of color, dampness of atmosphere or other variations in temperature, evaporation, disease, inherent vice or latent defect, loss of weight, change in flavor, texture or finish.
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