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It is understood that the insurance by this section of this policy is extended to include: any loss resulting in charges being incurred at unloading/loading terminal/pier whereby the intended unloading/loading vessel is prevented from, or is delayed in unloading/loading the anticipated amount of cargo consequent upon damage (as defined in this policy) shall be deemed to be a  loss resulting from damage, as insured by this policy, excluding however, any loss resulting in additional charges where the interruption of or interference with the business is caused by or in consequence of strikes, lock-outs, or other labour disturbances, at the unloading/loading terminal /pier.

Provided that, after the application of all the terms, conditions and provisions of this policy the liability of the Insurers under this Section of this Policy shall not exceed US$. X,XXX,XXX.- with deductible of XX% of claim, minimum of US$. XXX,XXX.-
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