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If the Insurer shall cancel or refuse to renew this policy the Named Corporation shall have the right, upon payment of an additional premium of 75% of the full annual premium, to a period of one year following the effective date of such cancellation /or  nonrenewal (herein referred to as a Discovery Period) in which to give written notice to the Insurer of claims first made against the Insureds during said one year period for any Wrongful Act occuring prior to the end of the Policy Period and otherwise covered by this policy. As used herein “full annual premium” means the premium level in effect immediately prior to the end of the Policy Period.

The rights contained in this clause shall terminate, however, unless written notice of such election together with the additional premium due is received by the Insurer within ten (10) days of the effective date of cancellation or non-renewal. The additional premium for the Discovery Period shall be fully earned at the inception of the Discovery Period. The Discovery Period is not cancellable. This clause and the rights contained herein shall not apply to any cancellation resulting from non-payment of premium.

The offer by the Insurer of renewal terms, conditions, limits of liability and/or premiums different from those of the expiring policy shall not constitute refusal to renew.
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