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Warranted held covered against All Risks of loss/or damaged irrespective of percentage whilst in transit by road and/or rail and/or rivers, canal or inland waterway including transit by aircraft and/or ferry across the straits of Sunda  or from Madura  to Surabaya or from Banyuwangi to Gilimanuk, Bali.
Risk to commence from the time of dispatch from the Insured’s warehouse and/or store and/or premises at the place named in the Policy for the commencement of the transit and to expire on delivery to the consignees premises at the destination named in the Policy or after seven days from the time of arrival of the conveyance at destination whichever my first occur.
-    Loss or damage or expense caused by arising out of inherent vice of the nature of the property insured or from loss of market.
-    Loss or damage arising of mechanical derangement unless caused by the collision and/or overturning and/or derailment and/or standing and/or burning and/or sinking of the conveyance.
-    Loss or damage arising as then consequence of hostilities or warlike operations  (Whether there by a declaration of war or not), civil war , revolution, rebellion  and insurrection.
-    Loss or damage caused by strikers ,locked out workmen or person taking part in labour disturbances.
-    It is further warranted that this cover will only operate if there is no other marine transit covers in force at the time of loss.
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