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Section 1    It is hereby understood and agreed that, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the policy and/or slip to which this clause is attached, the cover hereunder does not extend to loss, damage, cost or expenses in connection with any kind or description of seepage and/or pollution and/or contamination, direct or indirect, arising from any cause whatsoever.
Nevertheless if fire and/or explosion is not excluded from the Policy and a fire and/or explosion arises directly or indirectly from seepage and/or pollution and/or contamination any loss or damage insured under the Policy arising directly from that fire and/or explosion shall be covered, subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of the Policy.

Section 2     It is also hereby understood and agreed that, in so far as any provision in the Policy extends the cover to debris removal and/or clean up costs, such cover shall be limited to :
a)    expenses reasonably incurred in removal of debris of the property insured hereunder destroyed or damaged from the premises of the Insured


b)    cost of clean up, at the premises of the Insured, made necessary as a result of direct physical loss or damage, excluding all costs of decontamination or removal of water, soil or any substance on or under such premises

up to but not exceeding US$ 25,000 in all in respect of  both a) and b).

It is further understood and agreed that costs of decontamination or removal of water, soil or any other substance on or under such premises are not recoverable.

It is a condition precedent to recovery that Underwriters shall have paid or agreed to pay for direct physical loss or damage to the property insured unless such payment is precluded solely by the operation of any deductible.

Nothing in this section shall be construed as giving cover for debris removal and/or clean up costs, where no such extension of cover is granted elsewhere in the Policy.

Section 3    Nothing in these clauses (Section 1 and 2 above) shall override any radioactive contamination exclusion clause in the Policy and/or slip.
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