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Insurance under this Policy is extended to cover physical loss to insured property caused directly by sudden violent earth movement within the site on which insured property is situated, but excluding:
(i)    loss in any manner connected with earthquake, coastal erosion, overloading of the insured building, or any constriction work.
(ii)    loss to outdoor property.
(iii)    loss attributable to faulty design, inferior workmanship or use of defective materials.
(iv)    settlement of or cracks in any insured building unless part of the building has physically collapsed.
(v)    cost and expense to make good or remove debris of land, except as necessary to repair damaged insured property.
(vi)    a Deductible of the first S$ XX,XXX/- of each loss payable under this extension.

Provided always that the Company's liability in respect of this extension shall not in any way exceed the Limit of Indemnity specified in this Policy.
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