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Property Under Care, Custody Or Control Clause

Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary this policy is extended to cover the legal liability of the insured for loss of or damage to property belonging to or the responsibility of guest or customer of the Insured occurring in or about the Insured’s Premises.

Provided that:

A.    The Insured maintains in proper working order to the lock of every bedroom door and provides every guest or customers occupying a room with a key to the lock on the door of the room
B.    If a charge is made for lock room facilities a suitable worded notice disclaiming liability for all loss or damage howsoever caused is conspicuously displayed at the receipting bind of such facilities and each clock room shall be attended by an authorized person at all times when property is deposited or left therein automatic admitted liability facility subject to approval of the general manager of resident manager and full discharged obtained.
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