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The insured by this Policy extends to cover loss of or damage to the fire extinguishing appliances caused by the Insured perils. This extension is deemed to include the cost reasonably incurred of refilling the fire extinguishing appliances providing always that such cost is incurred as a direct result of the use of the fire extinguishing appliances for the extinguishment of fire endangering the safety of the Insured  property. The Company will not be liable for the first for each and every loss in respect of the costs of refills. Provided always that the liability of the Company in respect of such wages and costs shall be limited to those necessarily and reasonable incurred in extinguishing fires at or adjoining the situation of the property insured by this policy or immediately threatening to involve such property.
Provided further that otherwise the insurance under this endorsement and the policy shall be subject to all the terms, limitations, stipulations, exclusions, provisos and exceptions printed on, expressed in, endorsed upon or attached to the policy and provided also that all of the conditions of the policy (except in so far as they may be hereby varied) shall apply as if they had been incorporated herein.
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