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It is hereby agreed that the property insured by this policy (other than any stock in trade or merchandise) is covered in respect of the perils hereby insured against whilst temporarily removed for cleaning, renovation, repair or other similar purpose elsewhere on the same premises or any other premises in the Republic of Indonesia and in transit thereto and therefrom by road, rail or inland waterway.

Provided always that :
The amount recoverable under this extension in respect of each item of this policy shall not exceed the amount which would have been recoverable had the loss occurred in that part of the premises from which the property is temporarily removed not in respect of any loss occuring elsewhere than at the said premises, 10 per cent of the sum insured by this policy after deducting therefrom the value of any building (exclusive of fixtures and fittings), stock in trade or merchandise hereby insured.
This extension does not apply to property if and so far it is otherwise insured.
As regards losses occurring elsewhere than at the premises from which the property is temporarily removed this extension does not apply to :
Motor vehicles and motor chassis licensed for normal road use.
Property held by the insured in trust, other than machinery and plant.
This clause is subject otherwise to all the terms and conditions of the Policy to which it is attached.
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