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It is hereby declared and agreed that this insurance is extended to indemnity the Assured against loss or damage to the good hereby insured caused by any of the perils set out hereunder during the Transit , VIZ :
Overturning and/or derailment of the conveyance
Collision  or contract of the conveyance or the load thereon with any other vehicle or subject
Total loss damage during loading on to, or unloading from the land conveyance.


The Insurance by this Policy is extended to cover loss of or damage to the tanks and contents on trailers of the Insured for a limit of USD XX,XXX.00 per conveyance from causes insured hereunder occurring during transit (including inter-island ferry crossing and inland waterways but excluding shipments by ocean vessels and air) to/from the insured premises including loading/unloading and any transshipments storage or deviations in the course of transit.
Subject to a deductible of USD X,XXX.00 each and every claim.   
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