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In consideration of the payment by the Insured of an additional premium as per schedule hereinafter appearing, it is understood and agreed that notwithstanding anything contained in this Policy to the contrary, this Insurance extends to cover damage and/or destruction to the properties hereby Insured resulting from the action or the direct consequence of :
A.    Storm and/or tempest, or direct consequence thereof.
B.    Flood, due to water which has overflowed beyond the normal boundaries of river, watercourse, lake of sea.
C.    Water, other than water resulting from any of the foregoing casualties, entering into the premises from outside.

Including the cost necessarily incurred in the removal of water and debris from the building.
The indemnity granted by this Endorsement does not, however under any circumstances cover :
1.    Stock and/or other movable items stored in the open.
1.    Loss or damage arising from erosion, subsidence, landslide, volcanic eruption or other convulsions of nature.
2.    Seepage.
3.    Loss or damage due to water discharged from sprinklers or drencher installations in the premises.
4.    Consequential loss or damage of any kind or description.
5.    Loss or damage due to failure of or inadequacy of or other defects in any water pumping apparatus used for the purpose of discharging water from any basement or sump and any water apparatus especially fitted or installed for trade purpose and processes.

Special Condition
1.    The Insured shall, under penalty of nullity of the Insurance under this Endorsement, take all reasonable steps to maintain the building, roof, roof guttering, water tanks, pipes, drains and other water apparatus in a good state repair.
2.    If the actual value of the property hereby insured at the commencement of any destruction or damage to such property by any perils insured against by this insured thereon then the insured shall be considered as being his own insurer for the difference and shall bear a rateable share of the amount of the loss accordingly. Every item if more than one of the policy shall be separately subject to this condition.
Provided that, it is hereby further expressly agreed and declared, that the liability of the Company shall in the aggregate in no case exceed the sum insured and in respect of each item the sum expressed in the schedule of the Policy.
3.    In all respect the insurance under this Endorsement is subject to the policy conditions.

It is understood and agreed that of any claim anyone event payable under this cover the Insured shall bear the 10% (ten percent) of Recover Claim Amount.
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