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This clause shall be paramount and shall oveeride anything contained in this insurance inconsistent therewith.

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained in this policy or the Clauses referred to therein, it is agreed that in so far as this Policy covers loss of or damage to the subject-matter insured caused by any terrorist or any person acting from a political motive, such cover is conditional upon the subject-matter insured being in the ordinary course of transit and, in any event, SHALL TERMINATE EITHER
As per the transit clauses contained within the Policy, or
On the delivery to the Consignee or other final warehouse or place of storage at the destination named herein,
On delivery to any other warehouse or place of storage, whether prior to or at the destination named herein, which the Assured elect to use either for storage other than in the ordinary course of transit or for allocation or distribution,
In respect of marine transits, on the expiry of 60 days after completion of discharge overside of the goods hereby insured from the oversea vessel at the final port discharge,
In respect of air transits, on the expiry of the 30 days after unloading the subject matter insured from the aircraft at the final place of discharge,

Whichever shall first occur

If this Policy or the Clauses referred of therein specifically provide cover for inland or other further transits following on from storage, or termination as provided for above, cover will re-attach, and continues during the ordinary course of that transit terminating again in accordance with clause 1.

This clause is object to English law and practice
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