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This Policy is extended to cover loss or damage to Property Insured including Business Interruption, caused by any peril not excluded under this policy, at any location not listed in this Policy, or any local Policy and not specifically reported on the statement of the values reported to and on file with the Insurers.

No coverage is provided under this provision on property while in transit or waterborne.
Structures and their contents extending from land or shore, floating docks and floating equipment permanently moored to dock, river bank or shore are not considered as “waterborne” .

This provision does not cover any property insured or excluded under any other item of this policy or under any other policy issued by the Insurer to this Insured.  If such property is insured in whole or in part by other insurance, then this insurance shall apply only as excess, and in no event as contributing insurance, and then only after all other insurance has been exhausted.
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