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This policy does not insure against the following perils / types of loss or damage:

1.             *     indirect or remote loss or damage
*           delay or loss of market
*           interruption of business

Unless otherwise provided hereon.

2.             the cost of correcting or making good :

a)     faulty workmanship, material, construction or design
b)    inherent or latent defect

3.             unexplained or mysterious disappearance of any property, or shortage disclosed by audit or upon taking inventory

4.             accumulated effects of smog, smoke, vapour, liquid and dust

5.             a)   wear and tear, deterioration, depletion, erosion, corrosion, mold, bacteria,     fungi, virus, spores, wet or dry rot

b)   settling, cracking, shrinkage, bulging or expansion of pavements, foundations, walls, floors, roofs or ceilings

c)   shrinkage, evaporation, leakage of contents, change in flavour or texture or finish, decay or other spoilage

unless such loss or damage mentioned under 4 and 5 above results directly from other physi­cal loss or dam­age not otherwise excluded in this policy, and ensuing loss or damage remains covered if not otherwise excluded in the policy.

6.             Earthquake Shock, Flood, Boiler and Machinery Breakdown

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