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Endorsement 013 Property in off-site storage

It is agreed and understood that, notwithstanding the terms, exclusions, provisions
and conditions of the Policy or any Endorsements agreed upon and subject to the
Insured having paid the agreed extra premium, Section 1 of the Policy shall be
extended to cover loss of or damage to property insured (except property being
manufactured, processed or stored at the manufacturer’s, distributor’s or supplier’s
premises) in off-site storage within the territorial limits as stated below.

The Insurers shall not indemnify the Insured for loss or damage caused by the
failure to take generally accepted loss prevention measures for warehouses or
storage units. Such measures shall include, in particular:

– ensuring that the storage area is enclosed (either a building or at least fenced in),
guarded, protected against fire, as appropriate for the particular location or type of
property stored;
– separating the storage units by fire-proof walls or by a distance of at least
50 metres;
– positioning and designing the storage units in such a way as to prevent damage
by accumulating water or flooding due to rainfall or by a flood with a statistical
return period of less than 20 years;
– limiting the value per storage unit.
Territorial limits of:

Maximum value per storage unit:

Limit of indemnity (any one occurrence):

Deductible: % of loss amount, minimum
any one occurrence

Extra premium:
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