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Endorsement 1370 Special conditions: overhauling of platen presses

CM insurance – Endorsement 1370
Special conditions: overhauling of platen presses

This endorsement forms part of section 1
and is subject otherwise to the terms, provisions, conditions and exclusions
contained in the policy of insurance or endorsed thereon.

1. Conditions
1.1. The insured shall arrange at his own expense an overhaul of all highly stressed parts of platen presses as well as an inspection by an expert in non-destructive testing and shall inform the insurer of such an overhaul in good time so that the insurer’s agent may be present during the overhaul at the insurer’s expense.
1.2. The expert shall determine the date of the next overhaul. Unless agreed otherwise between insurer and insured, such overhauls and inspections shall each take place at intervals not exceeding 12 months.
1.3. The insured shall provide the insurer with reports on these overhauls and inspections.
1.4. The intervals for overhauls and inspections shall apply from the first start of operation or from the last overhaul or inspection of the relevant platen press irrespective of the commencement of this insurance cover.
1.5. If the insured fails to comply with the requirements of this endorsement, the insurer shall be free from all liability for loss or damage caused by any circumstance which could have been detected had an overhaul taken place.
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