Selasa, 29 Agustus 2017


It is hereby declared and agreed that the insurance by this policy is extended to cover the legal liability of the insured arising out of accidents caused by trough the neon/advertising signs installation the property of the insured.


Warranted  that the insured shall comply with all statutory announcement by law and regulations and shall at all time ensure that the neon/advertising signs installations are kept in a proper state of repair and if any defect be discovered the insured shall forth with cause such defect to be made good and shall in the meantime cause such additional precautions to be taken for the prevention of accident as the circumstances may require and no alteration in the position of the signs shall  be made without the consent of the company . So far as is reasonably practicable no alteration or repair shall without the consent of the company  be made the said neon/advertising signs after any accident has occurred in connection therewith until the Company shall have had an opportunity of inspecting same.

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