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Attaching to and forming part of [Comprehensive General Liability Policy] as per this schedule.

Retroactive Date: [Policy Inception]


Extended Reporting Period[90 days after expiry]


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary this Policy is endorsed as follows provided always that the limit of liability specified in the schedule shall apply inclusive of this endorsement and except to the extent which it is hereby modified the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the Policy apply:    



(A)    This Policy applies to 'bodily injury" or "property damage" only if:

(i)     The "bodily injury" or "property damage" must be caused by an "occurrence".

(ii)   The "occurrence" must take place within the geographical limits as specified in the schedule

(iii) claim for compensation because of the "bodily injury" or "property damage" is first made against the Insured, in accordance with paragraph (B) below, during the policy period or any Extended Re­porting Period,

(iv)  The "bodily injury" or "property damage" did not occur before the Retroactive Date, if any, shown in the Policy Schedule or after the end of the policy period or, the Extended Reporting Period, if any, in accordance with paragraph (C) below;


(B)    A claim is first made at the earliest of the following dates:          

(i)    the date that any insured receives a written claim or suit, or

(ii)  the date the Company receives from the Insured written notice of an "occurrence" which is expected to result in a claim provided that the notice contains particulars on the nature of the "occurrence", including when and where it took place, the circumstances by which the Insured first learned of the "occurrence" and the persons or organizations affected in detail sufficient to identify any subsequent claims as having been caused by the reported "occurrence".                    


(C)    The Extended Reporting Period does not extend the policy period or change the scope of coverage provided. They apply only to claims for "Bodily injury" or "property damage" that oc­curs before the end of the policy period but not before the Retroactive Date, if any, shown in the Policy Schedule




"Bodily injury" means bodily injury, sickness or disease sustained by a person, including death resulting from any of these at any time.


"Occurrence" means an accident, including continuous or repeated exposure to substantially the same general harmful conditions.


"Property damage" means:

a.   Physical injury to tangible property, including all resulting loss of use of that property. All such loss of use shall be deemed to occur at the time of the physical injury that caused it; or

b.   Loss of use of tangible property that is not physically injured. All such loss of use shall be deemed to occur at the time of the "occurrence" that caused it.

For the purposes of this insurance, electronic data is not tangible property.

As used in this definition, electronic data means information, facts or programs stored as or on, created or used on, or transmitted to or from computer software, including systems and applications software, hard or floppy disks, CD-ROMS, tapes, drives, cells, data processing devices or any other media which are used with electronically controlled equipment.
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