The following terms wherever used in this policy shall mean:

1.1               RAW STOCK

Material in the state in which the Insured receives it for conversion by the Insured into Stock in Process or Finished Stock.

1.2               STOCK IN PROCESS

Raw stock which has undergone any aging, seasoning, mechanical or other process of manufacture at described location but which has not become Finished Stock.

1.3               FINISHED STOCK

Stock manufactured by the Insured which in the ordinary course of the Insured's business is ready for packing, shipment or sale.

1.4               MERCHANDISE

Goods kept for sale by the Insured which are not Raw Stock, Stock in Process or Finished Stock.

1.5               NORMAL

The conditions that would have existed had no loss occurred.

1.6               MONTH

Thirty (30) consecutive days.

1.7               OCCURRENCE

Reference to loss arising out of one Occurrence shall mean the sum total of all loss or damage insured against out of or caused by one event.

1.8               INSURED'S LIABILITY

1.             Liability imposed by law upon the Insured; or

2.             Liability assumed by the Insured by specific agreement prior to loss for direct loss or damage of the type insured against.


The term Business Interruption shall mean Business Interruption, Extra Expense, Rental Value, Contingent Business Interruption.


Locations  of Real and Personal Property in which the Insured has an insurable interest, described on a schedule of locations attached to this policy; but also including Property covered  under the Newly Acquired Property , Investments/Capital Additions at Existing,  and Miscellaneous Unnamed Locations  - all as defined in Section 4.2. - General Extensions; and Temporary removal of Property as defined under Section

1.11            POLLUTANTS

Any solid, liquid, gaseous or thermal irritant or contaminant, including, but not limited to, smoke (except as defined in Section 6.17.- Definitions), vapour, soot, fumes, acids, alkalis, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, virus, meld, spores, vaccines and waste.  Waste includes materials to be recycled, reconditioned or reclaimed.


Fixtures, alterations, installations or additions comprising part of a building occupied but not owned by the Insured and acquired or made at the expense of the Insured, which the Insured cannot legally remove.

1.13            FIRE

Combustion of any material with flames outside abnormal fire source as well as slow combustion, auto-combustion, fermentation, oxidation, excess of heat, electrical arcing.

1.14            STORM,  WIND AND HAIL

The direct action of storm, wind or the direct action of hail (including sleet, whether accompanied by wind or not), but the following are not considered to be Storm, Wind and Hail losses :

1.             Loss caused directly or indirectly by ice (other than hail and sleet)), and snow, whether driven by wind or not; or

2.             loss caused directly or indirectly by damage to the interior of the building(s) or the property covered therein, unless the building(s) covered or containing the property covered shall first sustain an actual damage to roof or walls by the direct action of storm, wind or hail and then this policy shall cover such loss to the interior of the building(s) or the property covered therein.

3.             Loss caused when weight of snow or ice is a contributing factor to the fall or collapse of a building or structure or any part thereof.

This policy also covers expense necessarily incurred by the Insured for removal from described location of windblown debris of property not covered by this policy.


The rapid accumulation of snow and ice on roofs contributing to any loss or damage not otherwise excluded under this policy, and including fall or collapse of a building or structure or any part thereof.


1.             Water or other substance discharged from within any part of the fire protec­tive equipment for Described Location of for adjoining location.

2.             Collapse or fall of tanks forming a part of the fire protective equipment or the component parts or supports of such tanks.

3.             Freezing of fire protective equipment.

In the event of such loss, liability is specifically assumed for the cost (with due allowance for depreciation) of restoring the damaged portion of the fire protective equipment if such equipment is covered by this policy, except that in the event of loss or damage under 1. above, liability for restoring the damaged portion of the fire protective equipment is limited to the cost of restoring only that portion from which the water or other substance causing the loss or damage was discharged.

The term "fire protective equipment", whether automatic or not,  includes tanks, water mains, hydrants, or valves, and any other equipment whether used solely for fire protection or jointly for fire protection and for other purposes but does not include:

4.             Branch piping from a joint system where such branches are used entirely for purposes other than fire protection;

5.             Any underground water mains or appurtenances located outside of Descri­bed Location and forming a part of the public water distribution system;

6.             Any pond or reservoir in which the water is impounded by a dam.

1.17            EXPLOSION

A sudden and violent emanation of forces due to the expansion of gas or vapours, whether existing before or forming concurrently with such emanation.  For the purposes of this policy, explosion embraces implosion, that is to say a sudden and violent release of forces due the entry of gases , vapours or liquids into the apparatus or receivers of any kind whatsoever including pipes and conduits.; always provided  that the emanations as herein  defined occurring in devices or containers shall be deemed explo­sions only where the walls or casing thereof have undergone such breakage that the expansion or inrush of gas, vapour or liquid has produced a sudden equalisa­tion of internal and external pressures.

Explosion (including explosion of explosives) shall not include:

1.             Water hammering, or hammering by other liquids;

2.             cracking and splitting caused in equipment or boilers by wear or exposure to fire, bursting and breakage attributable to expansion of water from the effects of heat or frost, centrifugal force or other effects of mechanical forces;

3.             Shock waves attributable to the speed of any type of device whatever or induced by explosions not otherwise covered by the policy;

4.             Loss or damage caused to an apparatus or container (including any appar­atus of which such container is a part) by explosion attributable to wear or inherent defect in such apparatus or container.

The following are not explosions within the intent or meaning of this clause:

5.             Electrical arcing or any coincident rupture of electrical equipment due to such arcing;

6.             Bursting, rupture or collapse caused by freezing;

7.             Shock waves generated by aircraft, generally known as "sonic boom";

8.             Bursting, rupture or collapse of any safety disc, rupture diaphragm or fusi­ble plug.

1.18            SMOKE

Smoke resulting from the sudden, unusual and faulty operation of any stationary furnace located on Described Location, except accumulative damage or deprecia­tion.

1.19             AIRCRAFT

Actual physical contact of aircraft (which term shall include self-propelled missi­les and spacecraft) or objects falling there from, with the covered property, or with the building containing such property, except loss:

1.             from ordinary wear and tear or accumulative damage;

2.             By any aircraft aground when being taxied or moved inside or outside of buildings, but liability is assumed for such direct loss to buildings or struc­tures covered under this policy;

3.             To aircraft causing the loss.

1.20            VEHICLES IMPACT

Actual physical contact of vehicles running on land or tracks, with the covered property, or with the building containing such property, except loss:

1.             by any vehicle owned or operated by the Insured or by any occupant of Described Location or by any employee of the Insured or such occupant, but liability is assumed for such direct loss to buildings or structures covered under this policy;

2.             from ordinary wear and tear or accumulative damage;

3.             To vehicles causing the loss.

1.21            SONIC SHOCK WAVE

Sonic Shock Waves generated by aircraft, generally known as "sonic boom".

1.22        RIOT, CIVIL COMMOTION, AND VANDALISM (Except what is foreseen under endorsements 13 & 14 - Indonesia)

Riot, riot attending a strike, civil commotion, and vandalism and malicious mi­schief, including:

1.             Direct loss by acts of striking employees of the owner or tenant(s) of Descri­bed Location, while occupied or by said striking employees;

2.             Direct loss by act of a foreign enemy or agent of any government (de jure or de facto), provided such act is done secretly and not in connection with operations of military or naval armed forces of the country where the pro­perty is located;

3.             Direct loss from pillage and looting occurring during and at the immediate place of a riot, riot attending a strike, or civil commotion, or occupancy by striking employees.

The term “vandalism and malicious mischief” as used herein is restricted to and includes only wilful and malicious damage to or destruction of described property.

1.23            MOLTEN MATERIAL

Damage from Molten Material which shall have been accidentally discharged from equipment but loss caused by Molten Material does not include:

1.             Loss of or damage to such discharged material;

2.             The cost of repairing any fault which permitted such accidental discharge;

3.             The cost of removing or recovering such discharged material, except any debris removal clause that may be a part of this policy.


Acts of destruction by order of Civil or Military Authority at the time of and for the purpose of preventing the spread of a loss or damage  provided such loss or damage did not originate from any physical loss or damage excluded by this policy.

1.25            NAMED WINDSTORM

Each loss by named windstorm shall constitute a single occurrence hereunder if loss or damage is caused by or results from a named windstorm including ensuing storm surge. Other ensuing loss or damage not otherwise excluded herein shall not be considered named windstorm for the purposes of this description and will not be subject to the sub-limit relating to Named Windstorm.

Named Windstorm shall mean direct action of wind when such wind is associated with, or occurs in conjunction with a storm or weather disturbance which is named National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations (NOAA) National Hurricane Centre or similar body until sustained wind speeds drop below the parameter for naming storms.

Storm surge is defined as water driven inland from coastal waters by high winds and low atmospheric pressure.

1.26            ELECTRICAL DAMAGE

Damage of electrical nature, except from fire and explosion following, caused to devices, machinery and electrical , electronic engines and their accessories, participating to the production or exploitation tasks, as well as electric wires, including damage by lightning, and the influence of atmospheric electricity.


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