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Self Drive Hire Insurance

Hari ini saya berhadapan dengan case Self Drive Clause dari sebuah broker. Dalam quotation slip klausul itu muncul. Dalam final quotation slip, klausul itu muncul. Apa sebenarnya isi klausul itu? Setelah browsing di internet, ditemukanlah pengertian klausul tersebut. Berikut isinya.

Question: Can my customers pay in cash?
Answer: Self-drive hire insurers generally exclude cover for vehicles where the hirer has paid in cash. In some cases the hirer can pay part of the deposit in cash or if you know and trust a customer who wishes to pay in cash then the insurer may agree to this. If a customer wishes to pay in cash you should generally seek guidance from your insurer prior to completing the hire contract. 
Question: Can I pay for my self-drive hire insurance policy in instalments?
Answer: Yes. In most cases we can arrange for you to pay for your policy in six, nine or ten monthly installments at competitive rates. Credit terms are subject to acceptance of your application and full written details are available on request. 
Question: Can you insure self-drive hire operators in all areas of the UK?
Answer: We can cover self-drive hire risks in most regions of the UK subject to insurers' acceptance.

Question: Do I have to verify the ID of the driver when I hire out a vehicle?
Answer: Yes. You must verify the hirer's identity using some form of photo identity (e.g. photo card license or passport). It is recommended that ID is verified using at least one recent utility bill. On the day of hire, you should also check the original driving license of all the drivers.

Question: How quickly can I obtain a quotation?
Answer: We normally obtain a self-drive hire insurance quotation for you within 1 working day of receiving your details.

Question: What factors affect the premiums that self-drive hire insurers charge?
Answer: The main factors include the type of vehicle involved, the value of the rental vehicles, the area of the country in which your operation is based and the claims history of the business.

Question: What does 'off hire' cover mean?
Answer: : 'Off hire' cover means insurance for your hire vehicles when not on hire - for example, when being driven by an employee of the business or when parked at your premises. We automatically include this cover at no cost to you.

Question: What happens if I get clearance from the insurer to hire to a young driver or someone with a poor driving record?
Answer: Usually there will simply be an increased excess for the hirer, however sometimes you may need to charge an additional premium. The precise terms will be confirmed on a case-by-case basis.

Question: What is a co-insurance clause?
Answer: A co-insurance clause makes you responsible for a proportion of any loss. For example, a 25% co-insurance clause would mean that you are responsible for a quarter of any loss with the insurer covering the remaining 75%. On self-drive hire insurance policies, a co-insurance clause is often applied to ‘theft by hirer’ and, in the case of motorhomes, fire damage claims caused by cooking or heating appliances.

Question: What is a 'minimum and deposit premium'?
Answer: You may be required to pay a ‘minimum and deposit premium’ even if you don’t complete the first year of cover or change to a vehicle that commands a lower premium. Insurers normally remove this on your first renewal.

Question: What is meant by the term 'theft by hirer'?
Answer: Theft may occur when a hirer fails to return a vehicle at the end of a hire period or treats the hired vehicle as his or her own property - for example by selling it to another party.

Question: What sort of excess can I expect on my policy?
Answer: Your excess will vary depending on the type of vehicle, age of driver and the track record of your business. The minimum excess on our self-drive hire insurance policies is generally £500, which applies to most damage claims (including glass breakages). A co-insurance clause of between 25% and 33.3% applies to theft and fire claims caused by cooking and heating appliances.

High value and performance vehicles will generally have a higher excess but these will be shown in your quote. The policy will generally include an additional excess for young drivers, typically £300 for a driver aged between 21 and 24 years.

Question: What sort of vehicles can you cover?
Answer: We can arrange self-drive hire insurance for most types of vehicle including motor homes, motor caravans, camper vans; everyday car and van rental. We also have a special arrangement for prestige and supercar hire. Horse boxes and motorbikes can also be considered.

Question: Will I have to complete lots of paperwork if I have one of your self-drive hire insurance policies?
Answer: No. We realise that you need to concentrate on hiring your vehicles and don't want to be swamped by paperwork so we try to keep this to a minimum. In most cases you will be able to continue to use your standard hirers form but the insurer may want to vet this to make sure it contains acceptable and compliant wording.

Question: Will the insurer make exceptions, for example, to allow me to hire to drivers who would not generally be covered?
Answer: Yes. We realise that you need an insurance partner with a flexible and realistic approach to help you maximise value from your self-drive hire fleet. We contact the insurer directly and get a swift response so you won’t miss the opportunity to hire.

Question: Will there be restrictions on the ages of driver that can hire my vehicles?
Answer: Yes. Generally, drivers aged between 25 and 75 will be accepted at normal terms provided they have held a full license for at least 2 years and have a good driving record. Drivers aged under 25 may be accepted but at a higher rate. For performance cars or high risk vehicles there may be further age restrictions. 

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